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Salmiak Salami Stick 25 g

An Age of Darkness Upon Mankind

Light-shades of hair dye vanished without trace. Politicians and bankers started wearing black PVC. Solar eclipses became a regular event. Astronomers were at a loss to explain any of these developments. And then came… salmiak in salami sticks!

Why, ask the scientists. Because it tastes so damn good. Munch away!

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Beast at Large

If you see something, you certainly can approach it at your own risk.

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Munch Away

Somebody call the cops, because it’s gotta be illegal to look that delicious.

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We Dare You

Stare into the mirror and say in a clear voice: “Scandisnacks, Scandisnacks, Scandisnacks”.

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Darkness Upon Mankind

Now also salmiak is put into salami sticks! Why, ask the scientists?

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