Scandinavian Snack Company

In the earlier decades in northern Scandinavia, not everybody had access to fancy business facilities and conference rooms. That’s why many companies were founded in saunas. In those days, sauna was the most idea-invigorating environment available to everyone. Scandinavian Snack Company was born in a sauna in 1943. The picture shows you what we looked like in the 50s.

In a company like ours, daily routine is simple. You select the meat and add flavours to make salami. You painstakingly follow the many recipes while doing this. Then you carefully watch the salami to cure for some weeks while it also gets mildly smoked by elder tree. A lot of work is done by hand, because that’s how you get the best taste.

Proper to our name, Scandinavian Snack Company salamis are available in Scandinavia. If there’s anything you need, please contact us right away. Without further ado, enjoy Scandisnacks.

Be Rightwise Hungry!

Ps. Not a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents is purely intentional.